Monday, May 20, 2013


Most everyday when M falls asleep at naptime, I tiptoe out of the room, quietly close the door, and rush to the kitchen to get to work on something.

The kitchen is all hard surfaces, its the counter, the table, the chairs that we bought years ago in our life when we ate our meals in the living room, on the couch.  The chairs, oh god, they are uncomfortable, and only good for momentary sits while water is boiling or sorting out the mail.

Now the kitchen is everything - we eat all our meals at the table, we do work in here when M is asleep because its the only part of the apartment that she cannot hear anything from.  Sew, write, draw, plan, it all happens around the table and I love it.

Making space.  If ever I do hang out in the living room on the couch during naptime, its to do something.  Its for me to SLEEP.  and when I am done, off to the kitchen, refreshed and able to doubly focus on doing SOMETHING.

So I choose to not sit in the kitchen.  I sit in the living room and I space out.  I read and lay down and sit up again and try to meditate and then laydown again.

In a twisted way, making space makes me more productive.  I found the solution to a problem I was having with  sweater design.  I reconnected with the fact that I just need to spend less time online.  I realized I can just do nothing, and things just happen without force.  Or if they dont, whatever.  I am more relaxed anyways.  Bonus!

So off the computer goes.  Lay down.  Let the dishes lie.  Sit.

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