Monday, April 29, 2013

KCW Spring - Update on days 6 + 7 of Kids Clothes Week 2013

Day 6 of Kid's Clothes week (or Saturday) I set out to piece together the Oliver & S Ice Cream Dress.  
Aaron and M went out and I had the apartment to myself so I blasted T Rex* and was set on gathering and a piecing my morning away. 

Nervous making!  The genius of this dress, the seams become enclosed and finished as you go, is also the stress of the design. The one pass you do on the seam has to look good on the front side of the garment.  Edgestitched no less! 

Luckily I used enough pins and sewed VERY SLOWLY (My machine has a speed setting which is really weird to me but is super handy for moments like this.  I just discovered this recently when it suddenly only would chug along at like 5 stitches a minute.  I'm so used to just pedaling barefoot and hovering with my foot.)  I only had to rip it out once!  Second time is a charm!


The bottom hem was a little trickier to match up as it was not gathered but straight pieced.  No pictures of that, just did it.

Day 7 or Sunday I was sick and Aaron was bottling most of the day.  I spent the day trying out different buttons from my button stash and looking through all my studio drawers and boxes to find the buttonhole attachment to the machine while keeping myself and M happy with our sad sinuses.

To be continued...Kids Clothes week extended a little into more like "The Nine Days of Sewing for the Toddler....."

*Seriously.  I am just such a jeepster for T Rex again right now.  Totally great to sew to.  I need to make a sewing accompaniment compilation, and there would be much Marc Bolan on it.  Go watch this too.  Holy cow. So ridiculous and rad.

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