Friday, October 5, 2012

fresh off the needles....

Pattern:  Milo Vest, size 18 month
Yarn:     Cascade 220 Heathers, misc foggy leftovers

Vests have become my favorite layering piece to put on M.  Over here on the ocean side of the city the weather is everything all at once all day long.  We need to be wearing or carrying all clothing options for every weather type save snow.  This pattern was particularly relaxing to knit, and the cable made an interesting punctuation moment each round.  Super easy brainless perfect for watching television late at night when everyone is asleep knitting.  Will be making more of this pattern for her general wardrobe.

Pattern:  Morpheus (heavily adapted, used stitch counts for sizing only.)
Yarn:     Cascade 200 Heathers leftover foggy color, Patons Grace in a crazy chartreuse

This pattern originally had a diamond lace pattern in the center.  For all of M's clothes I am using bits and bobs of leftover yarns from other projects so I don't have the colorway info for these yarns!  Stripes are the best way to mix together little bits of yarn together so that it looks intentional, and stripes well, I love them.  

I did the stripe in a 2 x 2 row in a jogless stripe.  Instead of buttons at the neck (which always stay open a la Francaise - right?  I cannot button them and it just seems too tight anyways)  I picked up 5 stitches and made a garter stitch ribbon.  I would like one in my size! SVP!

Yarn:     Two colorways of Kauni  (they self stripe. and its super sheepy yarn.  The pink purple colorway and the rainbow colorway - its been awhile and I lost the tags!)

This hat is so typical of my knitting history.  I started it in 2008 at Madrona Fiber Arts (yes, a fiber spinning, knitting festival that happens every year in Tacoma) After seeing Ruth Sorenson's work in the teacher's gallery I purchased the yarn and her hats pattern that weekend and cast on and worked on it the week after while in Olympia visiting friends and family.  By the time we were to fly back to California I realized that this was not sized for my monstrous head.  Granted, these hats are considered swatches and this swatch tells me to use a larger needle please so that was fine "a part of the process" and I forgot about it.  

Until 2 weeks ago.  I unearthed it looking for the Kauni yarn to make another vest for M.  I put the 2/3 done hat on M's head and wow.  It fits her.  I guess I didn't know I was knitting it for her then.  Ive quickly finished it and rediscovered how much I love fair isle knitting, and specifically mixing insane colors together.  Which design wise also feels like Honestrik which is something you are going to be reading a lot about around here.  A.  Lot. 


  1. More pics of the wee un in the goods!!!

  2. So good! I love the hat you didn't know was for Maggie. And that striped sweater, super rad. And when I saw the vest I embarrassingly and actually out loud said, "yum!"