Tuesday, October 2, 2012

E M B R O i D E r Y ! ! ! !

Rebecca Ringquist is an artist whose medium is E M B R O I D E R Y.   Can you shout that out loud?  Because her work is thread and hand in the biggest and most gorgeous way possible.  I love the density of the thread and color in her work, and was very excited to be able to take a class in sampler stitches a couple months ago at Verb.

There were around 15 eager new embroiderists sitting around the common table in the front of the shop. For the first half of the class Rebecca provided sampler cloth to work on (that you can get from her Etsy site) and opened a tin that exploded with every kind of thread and we threaded our needles as she talked about her process.  And then, the stitching!

Rebecca walked us through each stitch, how to do the stitch and then show us on her own work the same stitches (a pile of which was on the table!  swoon!), how she used them, different ways to work them.  To do this in person, to see her working on a sampler then working on our own, comparing stitches with our neighbor student was yes, an amazing time.

For the second half of the class we worked on our own imagry and how to transfer it to our fabric.  I started working on a portrait with some of my favorite stitches that we had just learned.  

And... Rebecca has classes now at Creativebug!!  I am really excited to watch these and review what we did in class.   I do highly suggest taking a class with her inperson if you ever get the chance, she is most lovely and very generous with help and tips on how to make impossible looking stitches possible!

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  1. I love Rebecca Ringquist! Cal gave me one of her blank samplers for me to do and I just like to look at it without even any threads on it yet! I gotta get on that! You are LUCKY! :)