Wednesday, July 23, 2014


On tuesday I didnt have much time to work as we were too busy at the zoo.  Yes.  Going to the zoo and seeing animals, riding ladybug rides and the carousel are Very Important Things To Do this summer for an almost 3 year old.  Especially things like to get our faces painted, ride on the pony with the jewels on the carousel at least 4 times in a row or watch the lemurs sleep.  Which is all they do in this heat.

 At night, exhausted I finished stitching one bodice piece.  It went very quickly or I am now used to "sashiko-time" which is that because you stitch in an all over pattern (from one corner to another) rather than motif by motif finishing a pattern is a little surprise- did I miss a section - oh wait I am done yay!

Today, with M at playschool I had a few hours to really get working on the dresses.  I finished the dinosaur map Geranium dress sans buttons and tried it on M after school - OMG.  What?  It fits perfectly now which freaks me out because I am pretty sure last week measurements indicated the 3t would be huge for her. Thankfully I left a 3 inch length of fabric under the hem and may be letting that out soon. Yikes!

We also picked out buttons. and I got working on the indigo dyed polka dot/Kaffe Fassett top.  It might be too short already so I am thinking about cutting into some more polka dot fabric and adding more to the length to make it a dress/tunic.  Still loving this combo.

Tuesday = sashiko stitching about 2 hours
Wednesday = 3 hoursish

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  1. You are an amazing mom not to mention a talented and creative seamstress!
    I'm so happy M will have the experience of wearing hand made clothes. Just don't do what my mom did - matching outfits with matching sun hats… Those pictures are something else!