Monday, November 5, 2012

slowing down

I don't know if its the daylight savings time adjustment or if its the pace of the season (Halloween!  Election! Thanksgiving!) but it has felt a little accelerated around here and I have had to take a pause, slow down, think about time and activity what this space is for and how to incorporate it into a good rhythm for our family.

I have been sitting on and writing the same 4 posts for the last 3 weeks.  I can't let go of them and thus, nothing new here save photos (which I hope you are enjoying!)  I keep telling myself, cut, paste and publish already! but cannot because they are BIG IDEAS.  I am a bit of a ruminator, redigesting my writing, finding other ideas to add and recombining.  Sometimes it is quickly created.  Right now in this season with all the other energies going on its slow going, and maybe leading a different path from what I originally plotted when I started.

I read on a blog about how the writer can jam out posts in 20 minutes and that is their daily allotment for writing.  I read in a newsletter about how if you can't just get it out there in a half an hour then (this is verbatim)" maybe you were not meant to be a writer, and its time to find another muse."  I found that one a little harsh, and wonder why the pace of thought and the work of writing has to follow the pace of click on the web.

I am bothered by this.  This writing for the sake of posting.  The lack of - honestly - aspiration in tutorials made specifically for the blog audience.  The blog scheduling and the constant repost repin repost repin  I see in my Google Reader feed.  There is a beautiful energy in the ability to share to the infinity on the internet. but right now I want a little more.  Earth that has been turned, dug into, aired for the first time in ages.  Turned back into the earth and thought about more, and planted.


Originally I was going to post 3x a week but now I am putting away the blog calendar.   I am going to follow the making and the writing and photography and let that lead me in their rhythm and tempo for posting here.

What has been inspiring lately....

*Betsy's recent post  Forging Your Own Path in the Forest - I have reread this x1000

* About Wendell Barry  by Rhea, one of my heroes too, and a mention of "stickers and boomers" that I need to look into more  

*Everything about Living Crafts Magazine.

*The Pt Reyes Blue Cheese, Pear and Honey Scone from Fat Angel Bakery in Fairfax.  I could eat it for breakfast everyday, slathered in butter. 


  1. I'm so pleased to hear that my post was inspiring to you. Yes, go slow with your writing, if that is what you need! Some pieces need more time to simmer.
    I don't always monitor my trackbacks, but I'm so glad I did yesterday. What a lovely blog you have! I feel lucky to have found it.

  2. <3 so glad you checked your trackbacks! I cant remember how I stumbled upon your blog but have been meaning to say hello for a couple weeks! Hello!!!

  3. I love that you are going with the rhythm of life... it's good to apply that to everything, including technology! I think for some reason, I always feel I need to schedule things like technology where as it seems easier to "go with the flow" with non-tech things. I wonder why?

  4. Hi there, so I found you via a post on your livejournal blog (!) and was wondering, just on the offchance, if you happen to have a pdf copy of the manual for the Brother/Jones 588 knitting machine..? I've found a link here, but think Brother have changed their site settings since this was posted...

    Anyway, if you're able to help, that'd be great! Thanks,

    Phil Brown

    1. Hey Phil, I dont have the pdfs anymore but I did find this website that says you can login as guest and get into the brother manuals that way. hopefully that helps. Also maybe try on Ravelry or on Yahoogroups - there were if I remember a couple active knitting machine groups there. I actually have no idea where my knitting machines are, which gets me thinking I should maybe try to find them....