Monday, October 22, 2012

Leggings for the Ladies

Pattern: "Monkey Spats" by Dans la Lune
Fabric:   my favorite striped shirt + a shirt aaron got from work + old purple leggings


Hello cutest pant pattern ever!!! These leggings for M are made from my favorite but way too shrunken striped shirts that I got at Gravel and Gold a long long time ago.  This pattern fits her great so I am going to go forward and make several of each size upcoming up to 3T.  I have various sweatshirts, t-shirts and other things I am going to make them from.

I particularly love the cuffs.  Neat and keeps the socks in tidily.  Yes.

Next up:  Leggings for me.  Pattern made using Cal's Leggings Tutorial but trying to find fabric that not too thin to make this out of so it can be the winter jam.   I made a "muslin" but only had enough spandex laden cotton knit to make booty shorts but yeah, they fit my booty.  (They look huge, but fit great, and no, you cannot see a picture of them on me.  Sorrrrry!)  

I ordered some samples from Nearsea Naturals to see if there was a good option there- they have a thermal fabric that would work with the return to the 90s that is going on right now.   Longjohns under everything.  Is like pajamas all day long.  That could be my look these days, the rain is starting to fall, just want to be cozy!

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  1. Monkey pants are amaaaaazing, love them so much! Look at your pro serged booty shorts!