Monday, August 27, 2012


lixo -   litter, garbage (Portuguese)
lux -    short for luxury, or a unit of illumination  

(Making pants for my daughter, handsewing elastic.)

LIXOLUX is the word and phrase my husband Aaron and I came up with a long time ago (to register as a domain name in 2001 - ye olden days!) and has come to mean the compound of all of our projects and ideas and how we like to do daily life.  In our various projects its about learning not just to do it yourself, but to discern skills and techniques of value and to always share what we learn along the way.  

Making something out of nothing.  

Making extraordinary and special the ordinary and mundane. 

I am Jenne, a writer, maker, artist and community enthusiast.  Ive been interested in making and craft since high school -  I went to school to study fashion design and textiles twice, taught myself and sought out teachers to learn how to do the things that were not covered in school (knitting, spinning yarn, weaving, embroidery, etc.) punk rock intervened and I then ended up working as a music photographer.  

I am a breast cancer survivor, and while undergoing treatment I found joy and renewed inspiration in the transformative power of craft.  In the ten years since treatment and radical life change I have engaged in lots of writing, consulting and teaching many types of making/craft.  Hosting many gatherings and craft exhibits with Alisa McRonald as the Craft Compound of Echo Park, helped to found the Church of Craft Los Angeles as Vice Reverend, and even knitstered (more than) a few times on craft TV.  Making, making, making.  

(Basting cuffs on the machine, material from old t-shirt.)

My last adventures in interior design were with textiles and materials, working directly with artisans to make custom work and managing processes for residential projects.  It has been an education in every possible way a thing can be made, production on the spectrum from completely made by hand to mass produced in a factory overseas.  In contrast to my own making it is the bigger picture, the full engagement in market forces that turn materials into personal objects. 

(Finishing a vest, scraps of yarn the color of fog)

And now motherhood.  Life now as a collection of the moments in between and making our life over every day with a rhythm of simple moments and joy.  Yes.

This is the log and document of my explorations in the intersection of making, production, self sufficiency, craft/design, textiles and handwork and narratives of modern domestic life and motherhood.  

That all these forces shape our everyday lives and you conjure them into being by choosing to make your own (fill the blank here). 

Seeing the bigger picture of how things are made and understanding your point in the chain, and where you want to step in and engage in the process or stand at the end and consume.  These tensions I cant help but think about.


Processes and getting out of yr mind n into yr hands.  Taking the I/mind out of the equation and letting your hands do the work.  Craft is a meditation.


The doing it yourself and sharing in common the energy and skills you learn.  


The beauty of the humble material, simple, precious in its functional life.


To create an environment for my daughter and those of her generation that craft and making is the norm, that its the default impulse.  One can be creative and self reliant without sacrifice, even with modest means.



  1. It's like you're carving out thought slices from my mind. I love this and excited to read, see, and make along with you.